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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

VP Sambo and Gen Buhari fail to present their certificates to INEC

Nigeria's Vice President and running mate of
President Goodluck Jonathan, Namadi Sambo
and APC Presidential Candidate, Gen
Muhammadu Buhari, have both failed to
present their University Degree certificates to
the Independent National Electoral Commission
as part of documents to be tendered before
the electoral commission by any aspirant
Arc. Namadi Sambo who presented his
nomination forms to INEC on Dec 10th stated in
his form that his BSc and MSc certificates from
his Alma mater, Ahmadu Bello University ABU
got burnt in a fire incident. He however
tendered a "To Whom It May Concern" letter
from authorities of the ABU stating that he
was a student of their school.
The letter in part read
“I certify that the above-named person
having completed an approved course of
study and passed the prescribed
examinations was awarded the Bachelor of
Science (Architecture) with Second Class
Honours (Lower Division) in 1976 by the
Senate of this University. His original
certificate got burnt. Please treat his case
in view of this certification. Thank you.”
On his part, APC Presidential candidate,
General Buhari said he could not tender any of
his academic certificates before INEC because
all his certificates are with the Military board
and not at his disposal. An affidavit sworn by
Gen Buhari rtd at High court in Abuja on
November 24th to this effect reads in part,
"I am the above-named person and
deponent to this affidavit therein. All my
academic qualifications documents as
filled in my presidential form, President
APC/001/2015, are currently with the
Secretary, Military Board as of the time of
presenting this affidavit. The affidavit is
made in good faith and for record
All political aspirants are expected to tender
their academic certificates while submitting
their nomination forms. Other aspirants
including President Jonathan have tendered
their certificates to the electoral body.

Missing Air Asia Plane__Rescue officials recover 40 bodies

A spokesman for Indonesia's Navy, Manahan
Simorangkir Kadispenal confirmed the
discovery of the corpses bringing an end to
the search for Flight Q8501 which had 162
people on board.

Rescuer pulling out the corpses  of a man

Rescuers in Indonesia have recovered 40
bodies at sea near the last recorded location of
the missing Air Asia airplane, a spokesman for
Indonesia's Navy said on Tuesday, December
The spokesperson, Manahan Simorangkir
Kadispenal confirmed the discovery of the
corpses to Reuters bringing an end to the
search for Flight Q8501 which had 162 people
on board.
Six of the bodies had earlier been discovered
swollen but intact, the Naval Aviation Center
commander at the Surabaya air force base,
Sigit Setiayanta, told reporters.
The airplane disappeared on Sunday,
December 28, » while making its way from
Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore.
In response to the discovery, the Chief
Executive Officer of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes
“My heart is filled with sadness for all the
families involved in QZ 8501. On behalf of
AirAsia my condolences to all. Words cannot
express how sorry I am.”
Some debris had earlier been sighted floating
off the Kalimantan coast and the chief of
Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue
Agency, Bambang Soelistyo stated that he
was almost certain that it was the plane’s
wreckage. »

Debris believed to be from the wreckage 

Monday, 29 December 2014

AirAsia plane reported missing with 162 people on board:

Indonesian official says Australian planes spot
objects in sea in AirAsia search area. All the
latest news here@

09.46 In Singapore, Tom Phillips has just been
speaking to AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes.
Tom says:
He looks exhausted after the events of last 36
Mr Fernandes told me:
It's a horrific experience - I wouldn't
want anyone to go through what I am
going through right now - but we have
to stay strong and help the people that have
been involved in this tragedy.
09.17 In other AirAsia news, an AirAsia Zest
plane with 184 people on board developed a
tyre problem in the central Philippine city of
Tagbilaran, prompting the airline, which is partly
owned by AirAsia Philippines, to cancel the
The incident comes as rescuers search for a
missing AirAsia plane that disappeared on a
flight from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 on
At least four domestic flights to and from
Tagbilaran were cancelled due to the incident on
Sunday, Civil Aviation Authority of the
Philippines spokesman Eric Apolonio said. The
flight had 178 passengers and six crewmembers.
The Airbus A320 aircraft's tyre was later fixed,
allowing it to resume its flight to the Philippine
capital Monday morning. No reason was given
for the problem.
09.15 This map shows where the Australian
plane spotted floating objects.
The site is near Nangka Island, about 100 miles
southwest of Pangkalan Bun.

08.51 German insurer Allianz said on Monday it
was the lead re-insurer to the AirAsia jet missing
off the Indonesian coast with 162 people on
board, making it the third major airline accident
the company has been involved in this year.
The German company, which has Malaysia
Airlines as a client, was the main reinsurer to
flight MH370 that disappeared over the Indian
Ocean in March, as well as to flight MH17 which
was shot down in July while flying over Ukraine.
"We can confirm that Allianz Global Corporate &
Specialty UK (AGCS) is the lead reinsurer for
AirAsia, for aviation hull and liability insurance,"
an Allianz spokeswoman said in a statement
emailed to Reuters.
Aviation incidents accounted for four of the top
10 major insurance losses not linked to natural
catastrophes in the first eight months of 2014,
putting pressure on aviation claims that are
already rising due to the use of expensive
materials and demanding safety regulation, an
Allianz report said.
Allianz declined to comment on the extent of its
exposure or to identify other insurers with
exposure to the missing Indonesia AirAsia plane,
an Airbus A320-200.
But Reuters calculations show the minimum
payout to cover for this accident could be
around $100 million.
08.48 Here is a roundup of the teams currently
involved in the search for the missing plane:
- Indonesia:
Three warships in area and two others on their
way, 12 search and rescue agency vessels and
scores of small boats. Indonesia has one pinger
locator for finding the plane's underwater
locator beacon.
Two C-130 Hercules aircraft, two Super Puma
helicopters, one Boeing maritime patrol plane,
two CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft.
- Australia:
One AP-3C Orion maritime surveillance plane.
- Singapore:
Two Hercules C-130 aircraft, a frigate and a
missile corvette. Landing ship tank and
submarine support and rescue vessel on
Singapore has also offered two pinger locators.
- Malaysia:
One Hercules C-130, three ships.
- China:
Beijing has offered to send ships and aircraft.
- United States:
Washington has also offered assistance if
08.31 Earlier today, Indonesia's search and
rescue agency said that the AirAsia "hypothesis"
is that it "is at the bottom of the sea"
08.12 We're expecting more detail on the objects
But in the interim, it's worth reading what
former British Airways pilot Alastair
Rosenschein makes of it all.
He argues that he disappearance of Air Asia
flight QZ8501 seems mysterious, but the facts
will eventually emerge.
Missing Air Asia jet will not be a mystery

07.59 The vice president of Indonesia is
expected at Surabaya airport shortly, where our
correspondent Tom Phillips is waiting to hear
what he says. Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air
Asia, is also there. We will keep you posted on
what they say.
07.54 More detail on the sighting of objects in
the sea.
Jakarta's Air Force base commander Rear
Marshal Dwi Putranto says he was informed
Monday that an Australian Orion aircraft had
detected suspicious objects near Nangka island,
about 100 miles southwest of Pangkalan Bun,
near central Kalimantan, or 700 miles from the
location where the plane lost contact.
Mr Putranto says:
However, we cannot be sure whether it
is part of the missing AirAsia plane.
We are now moving in that direction, which is in
cloudy conditions.
07.53 These are the latest images from the
search control centre.

07.45 We're working to bring you more detail on
the objects spotted by the Australian plane.
But some key points to remember:
• The sea in the search area is not especially
deep - an average of 150ft
• Fishermen have reported seeing a plane crash
at the tiny island of Pulau Nangka, which is not
too far from the plane's last point of contact,
while others saw plane coming down at Pulau
• The search area is roughly the size of
07.40 SURABAYA, Indonesia (AP) - Indonesian
official says Australian planes spot objects in sea
in AirAsia search area.
07.26 Airline operations will go under full
review, as AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes insists
safety is "paramount"
07.06 Malaysia's ministry of transport has just
sent us an update on the search and rescue
It reads:
The search operations for missing flight
QZ8501 is still ongoing and led by
Indonesian authorities. The Malaysian
government is committed to assist Indonesia in
this operation and have deployed assets to the
area to aid in the search.
The Royal Malaysian Navy vessels, the KD
deployed and will comb the entire span of the
search area. The Royal Malaysian Air Force
(RMAF) aircraft have been assigned and
currently searching the area east of Pulau
Belitung. They will also receive additional
instructions from the Indonesian coordinating
authorities for any further assignments within
the search area.
We are in close contact with the government of
Indonesia and continue to work closely in
finding the missing aircraft. Our thoughts and
prayers are with the passengers, crew and
families of those onboard AirAsia Indonesia
flight QZ8501.
07.01 The missing flight dominates front pages
in the region.
This is a Chinese newspaper, the Sin Chew Daily.
The headline describes the missing AirAsia flight
QZ8501, with 162 people on board.

06.52 A huge search operation has resumed,
involving 12 navy ships, five planes, three
helicopters and a number of warships. It was
suspended on Sunday night due to poor visibility
but resumed this morning.
06.10 The Telegraph's Tom Phillips in Surabaya
has spoken to the sister of Natalina Wuntargo, a
31-year-old who was on the flight, who said her
relative had been heading to Kuala Lumpur for
an end of year break and had planned to return
home to Surabaya on January 4.
"My mother was watching television when she
saw the news," said Natalia, her sister. "She
called me and said: 'The plane lost contact.'"
"I spoke to her one day before she left," added
Andreas, 27, the missing woman's brother. "She
said: 'I'm going on vacation. She was very, very
Hansen Widjaja, a hotel employee from Jakarta,
said he had four relatives on the plane including
two young children.
"I don't know - it feels like God's will," he said
as he waited for newa at Surabaya airport with
dozens of other relatives. Around him four
elderly women huddled together and wept as
they braced themselves for the worst.
"I don't know what happened - whether it was
the weather maybe, or the operation of the
airplane," added Mr Widjaja, 25. "I don't know."
Even after more than 24 hours without news, he
said he had not given up hope. "We must have
positive thinking while there is no news. Now,
we can't just make assumptions. We cannot
blame anyone right now."
05.35 To put the search operation into context,
the area being trawled is 124,000 sq kilometres
- roughly the size of California.
05.20 The plight of a missing AirAsia jet lost
cannot be equated with Malaysia Airlines Flight
MH370 which vanished without a trace in
March, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
has just said.
Australia is leading the search for MH370, which
was on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to
Beijing when it disappeared off radars on March
8 with 239 people onboard.
"I think it would be a big mistake to equate
what has happened here with MH370," Abbott
told Sydney radio station 2GB. "MH370, as
things stand, is one of the great mysteries of
our time. It doesn't appear that there's any
particular mystery here. It's an aircraft that was
flying a regular route on a regular schedule, it
struck what appears to have been horrific
weather, and it's down. But this is not a mystery
like the MH370 disappearance and it's not an
atrocity like the MH17 shooting down''.

Families of passengers onboard missing QZ8501
wait in Juanda International Airport
05.05 Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, has been
tweeting his prayers for those 162 passengers:
Keeping positive and staying strong. My heart
bleeds for all the relatives of my crew and our
passangers. Nothing is more important to us.
— Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes)
December 29, 2014
04.44 Looks as though relatives have been
relayed the news from the press conference:
Looks like they are being briefed on what is
happening. Many in floods of tears, clutching
cloths to their faces #QZ8501
— Tom Phillips (@tomphillipsin) December 29,
However, they haven't been told the specifics.
Tom Phillips says relatives are telling him they
still have no word on what actually happened to
the plane or if wreckage has been found. Most
are getting news from Internet or local TV.
"We have no information," says Natalia, an
Indonesian woman whose 31-year-old sister was
on the plane. She has been sleeping at the hotel
with her eight-year-old son since last night.
Her sister was heading to Kuala Lumpur via
Singapore for a quick end of year holiday. "We
are so, so sad," her sister says.
'She was very, very happy' - brother of one
young woman who was heading off on holiday
on missing flight #QZ8501
— Tom Phillips (@tomphillipsin) December 29,
03.50 Tom Phillips , our correspondent in
Surabaya, has been shown a map by
investigators of the location teams are focusing
Senior aviation official tells me 'we hope we can
hear good news' abt survivors from #QZ8501 .
Focus on area below
— Tom Phillips (@tomphillipsin) December 29,
He also spoke to a senior civil aviation chief
based in Surabaya - one of dozens of officials
who have gathered at the airport there, along
with relatives. Asked if there was any chance of
finding survivors he said: "I'm not sure but
there is a possibility. We are still waiting for
information from our search and rescue people.
They are working and we hope we can hear
good news from the site"
03.42 AIrAsia CEO Tony Fernandes is now
speaking. He says the group has carried 220
million passengers in 13 years and has never
suffered any fatalities: “Until today we have
never lost a life," he says. "No airline can
guarantee 100 per cent safety to its
03.33 Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas spoke to
several check captains and believes the pilot of
the QZ8501 encountered difficult weather
conditions but flew too slow in his efforts to
avoid it.
"The QZ8501 was flying too slow, about 100
knots which is about 160 km/h too slow. At that
altitude that's exceedingly dangerous," Mr
Thomas said.
"Pilots believe that the crew, in trying to avoid
the thunderstorm by climbing, somehow have
found themselves flying too slow and thus
induced an aerodynamic stall similar to the
circumstances of the loss of Air France AF447 to
crash in 2009," Mr Thomas told AAP news

Relatives of missing Air Asia QZ8501 passengers
at the crisis centre of Juanda International
03.20 The brother of a British man Chi-Man
Choi, who was travelling on the missing jet, has
admitted they are preparing 'for the worst', as
searches began again.
Chi-Wai Choi, hassaid he was comforting his
elderly parents, hoping for positive news but
nevertheless 'preparing them for the worst.'
'It doesn't look good at the moment. I am sure
if there was anything to find then they would
have found it by now.' he told The Sun. 'It is a
very tricky time at the moment. We are just
holding together for my parents.

03.00 Probably not the news families want to
hear, but Mr Soelistyo said Indonesia did not
have "the tools", such as submersible vehicles,
required to retrieve the plane from the seabed,
but that it is reaching out to other countries for
help if necessary.
"Due to the lack of technology that we have, I
have coordinated with our foreign minister so
we will borrow from other countries which have
offered. They are the UK, France and US," he
Our China correspondent Tom Phillips is at the
press conference at Surabaya airport:
Packed outdoor press conf at Surabaya airport
now. Officials say #AirAsia8501 likely at bottom
of sea
— Tom Phillips (@tomphillipsin) December 29,
02.30 The missing AirAsia plane is likely at the
bottom of the sea, Indonesia's National Search
and Rescue Agency chief had said, striking a
pessimistic tone just a few hours into the search.
"Based on the coordinates given to us and
evaluation that the estimated crash position is in
the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the
bottom of the sea," Bambang Soelistyo told a
press conference.
"That's the preliminary suspicion and it can
develop based on the evaluation of the result of
our search."
02.10 Channel News Asia, quoting Indonesian
officials, is reporting that fishermen heard a
crash at the tiny island of Pulau Nangka, which
is not too far from the plane's last point of
contact, while others saw plane coming down at
Pulau Lung.
02.05 David Millward, the Telegraph's former
transport editor, writes:

2014 is shaping up to be the worst
year for airline fatalities so far this
decade. Statistics compiled by the
Flight Safety Foundation show that
even before the disappearance of the AirAsia
flight there were 526 deaths, with 162 people
reported missing that would take the figure up
to nearly 700 over the past 12 months.
Despite the losses of the two Malaysia airlines
planes, 2014 was set to see a continued
improvement in commercial airline safety
according to figures compiled by the
International Air Transport Association, the
industry trade body.
A key question is how much live information is
available to investigators. Following the loss of
MH370, IATA has been pushing ahead with a
scheme to make it easier to keep track of
everything which is happening on an aircraft
and during its flight. Much of the work by the
Aircraft Tracking Task Force is due to be
completed over the next 12 months. The aim is
to increase the amount of live data being
transmitted and stored in the cloud, rather than
relying what is stored on the flight data recorder
- or black box.
01.50 he plane had an Indonesian captain,
Iryanto, who uses one name, had more than
20,000 flying hours, of which 6,100 were with
AirAisa on the Airbus 320. The first officer had
2,275 flying hours.
"Papa, come home, I still need you," Angela
Anggi Ranastianis, the captain's 22-year-old
daughter pleaded on her Path page late Sunday,
which was widely quoted by Indonesian media.
"Bring back my papa. Papa, please come home."
At Iryanto's house in the East Java town of
Sidoarjo, neighbors, relatives and friends
gathered Monday to pray and recite the Quran
to support the distraught family. Their desperate
cries were so loud, they could sometimes be
heard outside where three LCD televisions had
been set up to monitor search developments.
"He is a good man. That's why people here
appointed him as our neighborhood chief for
the last two years," said Bagianto Djoyonegoro, a
friend and neighbor, adding that despite being
busy with his job, Iryanto was always very active
in the community and attentive to the needs of
the people around him.
Many recalled him as an experienced Air Force
pilot who flew F-16 fighter jets before becoming
a commercial airline pilot.
#AirAsia #QZ8501 Pilot : Captain Irianto
— Tanto19 (@Tanto19) December 28, 2014
01.20 Shares in AirAsia fell 11.6 percent after
one of its aircraft went missing in bad weather
on Sunday on its way to Singapore from the
Indonesian city of Surabaya.
Shares of the Malaysia-based budget airline fell
at the start of trade on Monday, after Indonesia
resumed its search for the missing jetliner
QZ8501 at first light on Monday.
01.10 It seems AirAsia Flight 8501's request for
higher altitude was apparently denied due to
traffic, just before it disappeared.
00.55 At least some families tonight can breath a
sigh of relief. A flight from Surabaya to
Singapore on Monday morning, using the same
flight number, has landed safely:
UPDATE: Today's #QZ8501 flight has landed
safely at Changi Airport, Terminal 1
— Channel NewsAsia (@ChannelNewsAsia)
December 29, 2014
00.35 Experts are saying if the plane did come
down in the sea there's an outside chance they
could still find survivors as the water is relatively
00.20 Indonesia rescue agency says the search
will focus on 270 nautical mile radius off
Belitung island in the Java sea. Five aircraft will
be sent to search for the plane, including two
C130 military transport aircraft and a Boeing
737, Indonesian air force spokesman Hadi
Cahyanto told AFP.
"Two planes have already left. Three more will
follow suit. It is cloudy in some parts but still
bright," Mr Cahyanto said. "We are focusing the
search area in the waters on the eastern and
northern part of Belitung island."

Indonesia's vice-president Jusuf Kalla monitors
progress in search for AirAsia Flight QZ8501
during a visit to the National Search and Rescue
Agency in Jakarta
23.30 Indonesian officials say the search has
officially resumed for the jet, which has now
been missing for 24 hours. It is 06.30 local time.
They are heading to east Belitung island, near
where the plane last made contact. Weather is
only a little better than yesterday's treacherous
23.05 The pilot of the plane has been named as
Captain Iriyanto, while the co-pilot is believed to
be Frenchman Remi Emmanual Plesel. A picture
of the pilot has been posted on social media by
his daughter Angela Ranastianis. Capt Irianto's
family has been praised as 'a very caring
La photo du Français Rémi Plesel, 1er officier de
bord du vol #AirAsia #QZ8501
— (@Dreuz_1fo) December 28, 2014
22.34 Sunrise is approaching in Indonesia, at
which point the search can continute for the
missing plane. Indonesia, Singapore and
Malaysia yesterday launched a search-and-
rescue operation near Belitung island in the Java
Sea, the area where the airliner lost contact with
the ground.

The air search was suspended last night with
just a handful of ships continuing the search in
the darkness.
22.00 This appears to be a picture of another of
the missing passengers, named by a friend to
the Telegraph as Maria Florentina Widodo. Her
father posted this selfie of the two of them on
an earlier flight, asking friends to pray for her
Semoga putri dr. Widodo dosen biokimia FK
Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya selalu dalam
lindungan-Nya #PrayForAirAsia
— Bigi (@DrBigi) December 28, 2014
21.45 An Indonesian family who had been
scheduled to take the missing Air Asia flight has
told how they narrowly missed boarding after
cancelling their holiday the day before.
Chandra Susanto was booked on flight QZ8501
from Surabaya to Singapore with his wife Inge
Ferdiningsih and three children Christopher,10,
Nadine, seven, and Felix, five, when his father
became ill and they postponed the trip.
20.30 While the disappearance of the Air Asia
flight may seem bizarre, Alastair Rosenschein,
a former BA pilot, says that there are rarely any
real mysteries in aviation.
Missing Asia Airlines jet will not be a mystery
He writes:
There are a number of possible
explanations. First, the area where the
aircraft went missing includes a large
expanse of sea and deep vegetation covered
islands on either side of its intended flight path.
Second, the onboard Electronic Transmitter, or
ELT, is designed to broadcast an aircraft’s
position after ditching in the sea, and does not
automatically trigger after an accident.
And third, radar contact is maintained by line of
sight: it will not register a distant aircraft at
ground or sea level.
This leaves the black box, or Flight Data
Recorder (FDR) beacon which, as we should all
know following the MH370 disappearance, only
has a range of up to five-and-a-half miles and a
battery life of 30 days. Only with the right
equipment and a considerable amount of luck
can a plane be located through these
There are also numerous reasons for the
perceived delay by the Indonesian authorities in
declaring an emergency and triggering a search
and rescue operation.
20.00 It's 4am in Southeast Asia, and the search
will resume in two hours time.
To recap - Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia
are involved.
The US and Australia have also volunteered to
19.49 It's the early hours of the morning in
Singapore and Indonesia, and we are expecting
the search to resume at 6am local time.
18.53 It was only a matter of time until a Fox
News host asked the question to which we've
all been wanting to know the answer: Did the
plane disappear because of confusion over
metric and imperial systems?
During breaking coverage of missing Flight
QZ8501, Anna Kooiman asked former FAA
spokesperson Scott Brenner if the “real reason”
the plane had disappeared was because of the
“different way other countries train their pilots.”
Even when we think about
temperature, it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius.
It’s kilometers or miles. You know, everything
about their training could be similar, but
It’s not just a difference in the way that we
measure things?
Is it not as safe in that part of the world?
Because our viewers may be thinking,
‘International travel, is it safe? Is it not safe?’
Mr Brenner attempted to reassure her that
confusion over imperial and metric systems
would have had nothing to do with the
18.13 This summary of everything we know so
far about the weather system at the time the
flight disappeared, produced by Mashable, is
well worth a read.
Andrew Freedman writes:
Here's what we know so far:
• Weather — from fog to
thunderstorms — is a contributing factor in the
majority of aviation accidents, including the
disappearance of an Air France Airbus A330 off
the coast of Brazil in 2009.
• A large area of disturbed weather, including
areas of intense thunderstorms with cloud tops
that reached or exceeded the AirAsia flight's
cruising altitude, were likely in the vicinity of the
plane when it disappeared. Unusually heavy
rainfall has caused widespread flooding in parts
of Thailand, Indonesia
The flight's pilot requested a turn to avoid bad
weather ahead of the plane, which is a standard
procedure for when flights encounter poor
weather and turbulence.
18.00 Rescuers are due to resume their search
for the missing Air Asia flight in four hours time.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

President named Grand Patron of Nollywood

The award was bestowed on the president
today, December 23, by Nigerian actors
under the umbrella of the "Legends of

President Goodluck Jonathan has been named
the Grand Patron of Nigeria’s film industry,
The award was bestowed on the president
today, December 23, by Nigerian actors under
the umbrella of the "Legends of Nollywood."
The group was led by actor, Paul Obazele and
in receiving the award, Jonathan stated that
Nollywood has consistently brought glory to the

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Monday, 22 December 2014

Mutiny These are the 54 Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death

The sentence was passed down on
Wednesday, December 17, and the
condemned soldiers, two Corporals, nine
Lance Corporals and 49 Privates, are to die
by firing squad for refusing to fight against
Boko Haram.

The Nigerian army, through a court martial
sitting in Abuja, has sentenced 54 soldiers to
death after finding them guilty of mutiny. »
The sentence was passed down on Wednesday,
December 17, and the condemned soldiers, two
Corporals, nine Lance Corporals and 49
Privates, are to die by firing squad for refusing
to fight against Boko Haram.
Find their names below:
Pte Oton Asuabiat
Pte Nwachukwu Udo
Pte Ibrahim Saliu
Pte Abafe Sylvester
Pte Eze Isaac
Pte Abubakar Mohammed
Pte Samuel Machael
Pte Ishaya Musa
Pte Etim Peter
Pte Hermas Okpe
Pte Ahunanya Temple
Pte Ilesanmi S.
Pte Solomon Ishaku
Pte Nasiru Zubairu
Pte Audu Daniel
Pte Muhammed Abubakar
Pte Anas Awalu
Pte Babangida Jamilu
Pte Hashiu Ibrahim
Pte Mohammed Suleiman
Pte Shehu Sa’adu
Cpl Andrew Ogolekwu
Cpl Saturday Ife
LCpl Henry Shaibu
LCpl James Maifada
LCpl Ndubisi Sabestine
LCpl Dauda Dalhatu
LCplKasega Aoso
LCpl Nwonu Friday
LCpl Joshua Frida
LCpl Anthony Simeon
Pte Olayode oluwasegun
Pte Tijjani Jimoh
Pte Kabiru Abubakar
Pte Mamuda Sywasan
Pte James Emmanuel
Pte Mukaila Musa
Pte Magaji Ahmadu
Pte Amao Bukola
Pte Wuyep John
Pte Oti Kelvin
Pte Ameh Mathew
Pte Olaitan Joseph
Pte Kulukulu Endurance
Pte Usman Isaac
Pte Ocheje Williams
Pte Adila Dangana
Pte Sunday Godwin
Pte Datti Hassan
Pte Abubakar Garba
Pte Joseph Dauda
Pte Chiemela Azubuike
Pte Abubakar Mohammed
Pte Anagu Mark
Pte Danbaba Francis

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Students find lost British WW2 bomber in Norwegian fjord

A Second World War Halifax bomber lost in a
raid to sink the Tirpitz has been found largely
intact at the bottom of a fjord near Trondheim

Six university students have used a mini
submarine to find the submerged wreck of a
British bomber lost on a raid to sink the German
battleship Tirpitz.
The Halifax heavy bomber was located, largely
intact, 600ft under water in a Norwegian fjord,
72 years after it crashed on the mission to
destroy one of Hitler’s most feared warships.
The aircraft was only found after a pipeline-
laying crew spotted a mystery object in the fjord
and the discovery was heard of by students at
the marine technology department of a local
Six of the students used a remote-controlled sub
to find the plane. Although they were not able
to find the aircraft’s serial number, it is believed
to be Halifax W7656.
The aircraft was struck by heavy flak and made
a successful crash landing in the water during
the raid on April 28, 1942, to find and sink the
Tirpitz near Trondheim.

Ex-militant buys 7 warships

The ships acquired by the former warlord
have also been upgraded with new
weaponry, Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet

According to reports, former Niger Delta
militant, Government Ekpemupolo , aka
Tompolo, has acquired seven Norwegian
The ships acquired by the former warlord have
also been upgraded with new weaponry,
Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet reports.
According to Punch » , Tompolo purchased the
ships and is now in charge of the Global West
Vessel Service, a privately owned contractor for
maritime security for the Nigerian Maritime
Safety Agency.
The seven ships are now part of the company’s
fleet and are being used by the Nigerian
government under contract.
Tompolo has in recent times been accused of
masterminding the abduction of 14 journalists
in Delta State and threatening the life of
popular human rights lawyer, Festus Keyamo .
UPDATE: Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet
reports that Tompolo bought six warships and
not seven as earlier reported....

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Top 10 African Authors of All Time

The pace of present African literature is
moving at a high speed , style and tone
sexier and defiant than the great
independence writers ’ generation . Here , the
subjects of taboo are widely explored. The
emerging African Authours of this
generation are not afraid to go further
afield for the literary fodder . Since the birth
of literature in Africa , there have been a
number of African authors from all over
the continent who have done a lot in the
literature industry .
The following are Top 10
African Authors of all time :
1. Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe is one of the best African
authors who have contributed a lot in the
field of African literature . He was born in
1930, and schooled at the University of
Ibadan, Nigeria. His first groundbreaking
novel titled ‘ Things Fall Apart ” was
published in 1958 . This novel made Chinua
Achebe very popular and it was then
translated to over 50 languages due to its
high demand . Later , he served as the
professor of David and Marianna Fisher
University as well as a professor of African
Studies at the Brown University in the
Providence, Rhode Island. He died early
2013 at the age of 82 years old , in Boston,
Massachusetts .

2. Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka is also one of the great heroes
in the list of top and best African
authors who have won great awards and
honours in the world of literature . He was
born in 1934 in Nigeria and he became the
first African author to be awarded the Nobel
Prize award in literature . Late 1950 s , he
wrote his very first important play titled ‘ A
Dance of the Forests ’ that satirizes a
fledgling nation by highlighting that the
present days in no longer a golden age than
was in the past . In some cases , his writing
focuses on the modern West Africa in a style
of satire, but his belief and serious intent in
the evils fundamentals in the practice of
power are common in his present work .
3. Amos Tutuola

Amos Tutuola was born in 1920, Abeokuta in
Western Nigeria and died in 1997. He was a
self- taught African author who usually
focused his literature on the Yoruba folk
tales. He became popular after gaining the
world fame with his best story ‘ The Palm -
Wine Drunkard ’ that completed in 1946 .
4. Camera Laye
Camera Laye was born in 1928 in
Kouroussa , Upper Guinea and later died in
1980. He was the first African author from
French speaking countries in the continent.
His French novel “ L ’ Enfant noir ” made him
one of the best and important novelists
from the French- speaking countries in
5. Dinaw Mengestu
Dinaw Mengestu was also one of the best
African authors who have contributed
greatly in the field of African literature . He
was born in 1978 in Addis Ababa the capital
city of Ethiopia . He moved to the USA
together with his sister and mother two
years after his birth , to reunite with his
father who had previously fled the country
during the Red Terror. He graduated from
Georgetown University . So far , he has
written two novels titled “ The Beautiful
Things that Heaven Bears” which was
established in 2007 and “ How to Read the
Air” established in 2010 . He also recently
received a MacArthur Foundation , usually
known as “ genius grant” .
6. Mariama BA
Maria BA is also an African author born in
1929, Dakar , Senegal . She has been
regarded as one of the best and most
original African authors to come from West
Africa. Her work and life were usually
preoccupied with several issues such as
power, gender relations , and inequality . She
also focused on the ways in which these
issues were affected and framed by Islamic
and African cultural beliefs . She wrote her
first novel titled “ So Long a Letter ” in 1981 .
She died in 1986 , just before publishing her
second novel titled “ Scarlet Song” .
7. Buchi Emecheta
Buchi Emecheta was born in Lagos, the
capital city of Nigeria in 1944 . Her work and
life as an African author set the stage for
the new generation of the west African
female authors. Her fiction was drawn from
her experiences of Diaspora because of the
influence from her educational background.
“ In the Ditch” and Second - Class Citizen that
was established in 1972 and 1974
respectively were Emecheta ’ s heavily and
early autobiographical novels .
8. Bessie Head
Bessie Head was born in the year 1937 ,
Pietermaritzburg and died in 1986. She was
one of the African female authors whose life
and work experiences have been brought
into focus in these days . She became
famous because of her three novels ; ‘ When
Rain Clouds Gather ’ , published in 1968 ,
‘Maru’ also published in 1971 and the third
one ‘ A Question of Power’ launched in 1974 .
9. Ousmane Sembane
In 1923 , Uosmane Sembane was born in
Ziguinchor , a region found in southern
Senegal. He’ s widely acknowledged as the
seminal figure in both African film and
literature . His work was focused centrally on
the cultural practices as well as political
discourses that surround the female body in
the continent of Africa . He died in 2007
after winning a critical acclaim for the
Moolaade in 2004.
10. Ngugi wa Thiong’ o
In 1938 , Ngugi wa Thiong ’ o was born in
Kamiriithu , Kenya. He is one of the best and
most celebrated African authors and
intellectuals . He is also one of the African
authors who have enjoyed both national
and international acclaim as an essayist ,
novelist, playwright , activist and social
commentator. His experience of the Mau
Mau struggle for independence , British
colonialism and the position of Kenya in the
neo - colonial era are some of the issues that
preoccupy much of his thought and writing .
Some of his novels include Weep Not Child
published in 1964 , The River Between in
1965, and A Grain of wheat in 1967.
In conclusion , there are also a number of
other African authors apart from the above -
discussed authors who have done marvelous
work in the African literature industry. There
are also young and vibrant upcoming
authors with thoughts and different writing
touching all aspects of life .

African Countries and Capitals : Africa Facts

Before African countries and capitals came
to be , Africa was a continent without strict
and well outlined political and economic
boundaries . There was practically no such
thing as heads of States , Governors and
legislators. People were merely living in
villages and hamlets in small clans within
the confines of what could be regarded as
more traditional boundaries . Boundary
disputes were not on a national level as
there was non rather between neighboring
villages . Africa fell victim to the Europeans
dominating powers in the 19 th century . It
was at this time that Europeans started
arriving at the vast , rich but unexplored
black continent to establish dominance ,
authority and in the process , carve out
territories for themselves .

During the so called “ scramble for Africa ” ,
the continent was divided among these
colonial powers among the most favored
were Britain , France and portugal . Other
countries that were fortunate enough to
grab a slice of Africa include : Italy,
Germany, Belgium and Spain . With this, the
entire Africa was split and shared among
these countries except for Ethiopia and
Liberia which are presumed to never have
been colonized ( this fact has been disputed
by some scholars who state that Liberia was
a colony for just about 17 years prior to a
partial independence that was achieved by
the April 4, 1839 declaration of
commonwealth and subsequently , absolute
independence was declared on 26 July 1847
which was eight years later ). With this
division , African countries and capitals were
Today, though African countries are ravaged
by wars , conflicts and poverty mostly as a
result of bad governance and corruption ,
the wildlife , landscape , traditions , African
people and culture have all made it one of
the best travel destinations in the world.

Countries and Capitals
of Africa
Tunisia- Tunis
Lesotho - Maseru
Swaziland - Mbbane

Madagascar - Antananarivo
Seychelles - Victoria
Comoros- Moroni
Mauritius - Port Louis
Djibouti - Djibouti
Somalia - Mogadishu
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa
Uganda - Kampala
Kenya- Nairobi
Rwanda - Kigali
Burundi - Bujumbura
Zambia - Lusaka
Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
Malawi- Lilongwe
Mozambique - Maputo
Algeria - Algiers
Morocco - Rabat
Western Sahara - Undisputed
Senegal - Dakar
Benin - Porto- Novo
Sao Tome and Principe- Sao Tome
Nigeria- Abuja
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou
Niger- Niamey
Chad - N’ Djamena
Cameroon - Yaounde
Equatorial Guinea - Malabo
Gabon - Libreville
Democratic Republic of Congo-
Republic of Congo- Kinshasa
Central African Republic - Banjui
Sudan - Khartoum
Libya- Tripoli
Egypt - Cairo
Eritrea - Asmara
Zimbabwe - Harare
Botswana- Gaborone
Namibia - Windhoek
Angola - Luanda
South Africa - Pretoria
The Gambia - Banjul
Mauritania- Nouakchott
Mali - Bamako
Guinea - Conakry
Guinea Bissau - Bissau
Cape Verde - Praia
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Liberia - Monrovia
Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro
Ghana - Accra
Togo - Lome
In addition to these 54 African Countries
and their capitals , there are partially
recognized and unrecognized states in
Africa. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (El
Aaiún) is a partially recognized state
while Somaliland ( Hargeisa ) is an
unrecognized state .
It is worthy of note that South Africa has
three officially recognized capitals – Pretoria,
Cape Town and Bloemfontein . Pretoria is the
executive capital , Cape Town is the
legislative capital while Bloemfontein is the
judicial capital .
Western Sahara which is very close
to Morocco , is an occupied territory and is a
disputed territory with the southern region
considered Moroccan territory. It is not
recognized by some countries but has El
Aaiún as its official capita

10 Most Corrupt Countries in Africa

Corruption is quickly becoming one of those
global phenomenon ’s which every country is
struggling with . Spreading faster than an
epidemic, corruption & crime rates have
skyrocketed over the past three decades .
While few countries have been able to curb
their level of corruption , the rates of
corruption have reached new levels in the
countries of Africa . Driven by poverty and
greed, many government officials are
amongst practitioners of corruptions, which
in turn forces the local populace to turn to
crime as their last resort . Recent studies
have pointed out few of the most corrupt
countries in Africa, which is why we should
take a closer look at these countries to
determine their corruption levels and rate
of crime, as per the world corruption rates

The List of 10 Most Corrupt
Countries in Africa

10. Guinea -
Not many people around the world know
that one of Africa’ s most popular countries
is also one of the most corrupt . Losing
almost 10 positions in the world corruption
list , Guinea has managed to turn into
Africa’ s most corrupt countries. So great is
the corruption of Guinea that in 2008 the
president of Guinea right before his death
admitted to the sell of a mine to a British
Company worth billions of dollars for
personal gain.
9. Angola -
Having corrupt officials in the government
has become a norm for many countries , but
the entire government swindling few
hundred million dollars for personal gain is
unheard of . Angola is one African country
which has managed to gain quite a
reputation for itself as one of the most
corrupt countries in the world. Since not
being able to account for more than 5
billion dollars in the past ten years, Angola
has managed to become the 4th most
corrupt country in Africa and is also on the
world’ s top ten most corrupt countries list .
8. Libya -
One of those countries which has one of the
toughest people justice systems , Libya also
has managed to claw its way to the top of
the most corrupt countries of Africa list .
With a bribe rate at more than 62% and
failing judicial and police systems , Libya has
given way to complete lawlessness and
corruption .
7. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Taking corruption to almost an art form ,
Democratic Republic of the Cong has
managed to end up in the 7th position on
our list of top 10 most corrupt countries in
Africa. The rate of corruption is so high in
Congo that not even the government
officials themselves are immune to it .
6. Equatorial Guinea -
Being one of the wealthiest nations of the
world beating Saudi Arabia, Korea and Italy
combined , Equatorial Guinea has also
managed to become one of African most
corrupt countries . It is one thing to take
bribes, but to put the entire nation below
60% poverty rate is almost Ludicrous. As
most citizens of Equatorial guinea survive
under $1 per day , it has truly managed to
become a prominent addition to our list of
10 most corrupt countries in Africa .
5. Zimbabwe -
Another surprise additions to our list ,
Zimbabwe has had one of the most steady
growth of corruptions over the past few
years. As a study revealed that more than
65% of the residents had paid bribes in one
form or the other , which is a significant
growth from the 2001 study which had only
34% of the locals paying bribes.
4. Chad -
Holding a world rank of 173 rd position
amongst 183 countries for corruption truly
requires a lot of talent , and no other
country has managed to display their talent
for corruption . With one of the highest
poverty levels in the world, Chad has played
an important role in the revolution of
Sudan. Homing few hundred thousand
rebels, Chad has managed to put their local
populace under severe depression , giving
way to excessive corruption .
3. Burundi -
Burundi is amongst the handful of African
countries which has managed to establish
anti- corruption agencies successfully,
however this has only managed to push
Burundi to the edge of corruption . Being the
center for organized corruption in Africa ,
Burundi has become one of the most
corrupt countries in Africa .
2. Sudan -
Sudan is one of those few countries in
Africa which has been engrossed in
corruption , warfare and terrorism for a long
time now. Despite existing government the
country is run by gruesome warlords who
will go to any extent to spread terror and
corruption . As murder and crime are normal
part of everyone ’ s life in Sudan, corruption
is always at a peak . This is one of the main
reasons which has made Sudan one of the
most corrupt and terrorized place not only
in Africa, but in the world as well .
1. Somalia -
Being the most corrupt and terrorised
countries of Africa , Somalia has managed to
make quite a name for itself over the years .
With one of the highest poverty levels and
the most corrupt government, the locals
have turned to every form of violence and
terrorism imaginable . By using guerrilla style
warfare , Somalia for a long time has been
engrossed in wars and terrorist and it is the
local people who face the most problems.
The corruption and terrorism in Somalia is
so high that even public selling of weapons
and ammunition is accepted by the
Somalian Government ..