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Sunday, 26 June 2016

30 Ways to Building New Habits

we are all about developing successful habits as what we repeatedly do shapes our
future and who we are.
But these new behaviors will make no difference if we don’t stick to them.
Implementing a new thing may be hard-it takes time, and consistency is key.
But it’s quite simple. You need to start small, focus on making one change, divide your new habit into tiny
daily steps and find ways to stay motivated throughout the journey.
The benefits of that are mind-blowing.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Best Traffic Generation Tips

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Chris Dyson TripleSeo.comTwitter
This might not work for all niches but it can certainly be a good traffic leak from Twitter.
By embedding a tweet in a blog post Twitter can feature your website within the tweet as a source of further information.
A great example of this is when Dan Barker sent Matt Cutts a tweet about the irony of Google looking for examples of sites that scrape content:
The tweet went viral and over the course of a few days received over 33000 retweets and was featured on a wide variety of news and tech related sites (over 80 according to ahrefs)
And the sites that embedded Dan’s tweet saw a spike in Twitter traffic as they were featured as Related Headlines.
So if you see a tweet related to your niche going viral throw up a quick blog post to add some additional context and you might be able to leech some extra traffic.
Stuart Walker.Stuart WalkerNicheHacks.comTwitter
It starts with great content and usually involves a great deal of manual outreach.
But first you must figure out WHO your target audience is and WHERE they hang out online then get a presence there.
If it’s a blog then you’ll either want to blog comment or guest post there. If it’s a forum be active in the forum. If a social media group you’ll want to interact there etc.
Leverage other peoples audiences to get them back to your own site.
Here’s 4 of the most effective ways to get traffic….
Tom Demers CornerStoneContent.comTwitter
Have a distribution hook in mind before you do anything!
Tom DemersThis is sort of like the online / content marketing version of “building the marketing into the product” – don’t create a piece of content or start a site unless you have an idea in advance of how people will share and find it.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Steps To Entrepreneurship


Image result for entrepreneurBecoming an entrepreneur is about the mindset of entrepreneur, and the first actions you would need to take to become one. To do a startup, you need to think very simplistically in many ways. From what I have seen working with hundreds of startup founders, it is often those that stay “hungry and foolish,” as Steve jobs put it,