Thursday, 12 January 2017


 Another new scheme is out call GREENSPEER which promises more value and returns than MMM and ULTIMATE CYCLER, below is their goal, vision and mission

Happy new year to all Greens, we appreciate your kind gestures towards fellow Nigerians and we are more than happy that you are using our platform to help humanity!
However, the following must be noted:
  • Our goal is to empower many small scale businesses and to also raise many start-ups in few months to come, thereby creating job opportunities to help many Nigerians at a time like this.
  • Unlike others, that hide their intentions in vague terms and conditions, We made our conditions very simple and clear on the registration page. Greenspeer is not an investment, fraudulent or ponzi scheme. Although other donors donate to you so as to help you grow your businesses or to start up a small scale business, Greenspeer is not obliged to repay you for your donations.
  • There is no constant time for Donors to be paired to you when you upgrade. Although, it is possible to receive donations immediately you upgrade and it is also possible to receive donations some days or weeks after you upgrade: all depends on the inflow of members using our platform.
Lastly, We might plead for some donations from well-meaning Nigerians in the future for maintaining the website but as for now, Greenspeer is free! - our humble way of contributing to our green society.
We thank you so much for your prayers, motivations, testimonies and the greatest thanks goes to the people that are actualizing our dreams by expanding or starting up businesses with the little donations they have received!
We are earnestly working on business ideas that would help you get started on the right track! #thinkGreen


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