Wednesday, 20 May 2015

5 Important Health Tips Every Woman Should Know The health of both, men and women is vitally important. However, it appears that there is a bit more emphasis placed on women’s health. This is for various reasons like the structure of their reproductive system, fertility, hormonal and emotional factors, etc.

With the genetic, physiological, as well as the nutritional sciences expanding forward in their discoveries, we simply know today that women’s health includes some different precautions, needs and characteristics.
What we are told as women in the mainstream media however, is not always for the good of our health. All too often it serves more the well-being of the pharmaceutical companies and other corporations, who all too often prey on the fact that women do tend to be more proactive about their health, and thus willing to buy or use more products than men, while having less quality time for themselves.
Thus today, I share with you 5 important health tips every woman should know, when it comes to optimal health from the holistic and natural point of view.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Orya elected as G-NEXID President in Switzerland

Lagos - Roberts Orya, the Managing Director and
Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Export-
Import Bank (NEXIM), has been elected as the
new Honorary President of the Global Network
of Export-Import Banks and Development
Finance Institutions (G-NEXID).
This follows the conclusion of latter's tenth
Annual General Meeting at the Palais des
Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
Orya thanked the members for his election.

"I see my election as a privilege to serve and
continue in the giant strides already made by
my predecessors towards forging and fostering
a strategically vibrant and mutually beneficial
South-South trade relationship. It is also an
honour to my country, Nigeria, which is
the largest economy in Africa especially as we
have just concluded a very peaceful Presidential
Orya lauded the outgoing Honorary President,
Rubens Amaral Jr.
G-NEXID, with a membership of 24 institutions,
was established in 2006 at the joint initiative of
Exim Bank of India and UNCTAD, as a platform
to boost South-South trade and investment
The primary objective of the network was to
serve as a channel to bridge the gap between
financing of trade and the achievement of the
development goals of developing and emerging
economies by fostering South-to-South trade
Specific to this goal was tackling the difficulties
associated with access to trade finance in the
fragile markets of the South aimed at spurring
and stabilizing economic growth.
Orya is the fourth Honorary President of the G-